Acting Credits title
Leaving Las Vegas Everything's Jake
Blues Brothers 2000 A Man Is Mostly Water
Still Breathing Watchers Reborn
Betaville Blue Motel
The Price of Kissing Morella
Wildly Available The Prince
Livers's Ain't Cheap Malevolence
Driven After The Game
Flight Of The Dove Lookin' Italian


Chicago Story: An American Hero (FOX Family)

Don King: Only In America (HBO)

Tall Tales & Legends: John Henry (Showtime)

Baywatch Nights (UPN-series regular)

Good News (UPN)  Fantasy Island
Early Edition (UPN)  Fall Guy
Dream On (HBO)  Hunter
Martin (FOX)  Mannix
The Watcher (UPN)  Big Valley
ROC  77 Sunset Strip


Rugrats: The Movie
Hey Arnold (Havey the Mailman)
Kablam - Action League Now: Hit of Horror
Jungle Cubs (Theme Song)
Captian Planet
Hercules (WB - Episode "Porkules")
Spy Dogs
Here Comes Garfield (Musical Voice)

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